SRRT Resolutions 1993: On Future Conference Sites

On Future Conference Sites

Adopted at 1993 Midwinter Meeting

WHEREAS, some states in the United States have already or may in the future enact legislation, pass constitutional amendments, or otherwise give legal sanction to discrimination against lesbian, gay , and bisexual people, and

WHEREAS, the American Library Association has adopted several anti-bias policies, most notably 54.3 and 54.17, which commit the Association to equal opportunity for all persons regardless of individual life-style,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the SRRT strongly urges the American Library Association to enter into conference-site contracts only with organizations and legal bodies in cities, counties, or states that do not explicitly discriminate against lesbian, gay or bisexual people;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this resolution be sent to Governor of the State of Colorado, the Mayor of the City of Denver, the Colorado Board of Tourism, the Mayor of the City of Tampa, the United States Chamber of Commerce, the United States Secretary of Commerce, the National Council of Mayors, the National Governors Conference, the national gay and lesbian press, and the national library press.