SRRT Resolutions 1991: Resolution on FBI Interrogation of Arabs

Resolution on FBI Interrogation of Arabs

Adopted at 1991 Midwinter Meeting

WHEREAS the F.B.I. has begun to interrogate Arab students and visitors, and Arab-American citizens in connection with the Persian Gulf crisis, ostensibly to gather information on "terrorist" or pro-Iraqi activities; and

WHEREAS such F.B.I. action is both racist and repressive, impugning the character of 2,000,000 Arab-Americans simply on the basis of their ethnic background (which recalls the intolerable treatment accorded Japanese-Americans during World War II), further fueling anti-Arab bigotry, and discouraging Arab-American citizens from exercising their political and civil rights;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the American Library Association Social Responsibilities Round Table demand an immediate stop to this pernicious and intimidating F.B.I. "investigation," together with a public apology by the Justice Department to the Arab-American community and all Arab guests in the United States.

SRRT Newsletter, Issue 99, page 2.