SRRT Resolutions 1991: Resolution on FBI Interrogation of Arabs

Text of 1991 SRRT resolution, adopted at ALA Midwinter Meeting, on FBI Interrogation of Arabs.

Resolution on FBI Interrogation of Arabs

Adopted at 1991 Midwinter Meeting

WHEREAS the F.B.I. has begun to interrogate Arab students and visitors, and Arab-American citizens in connection with the Persian Gulf crisis, ostensibly to gather information on "terrorist" or pro-Iraqi activities; and

WHEREAS such F.B.I. action is both racist and repressive, impugning the character of 2,000,000 Arab-Americans simply on the basis of their ethnic background (which recalls the intolerable treatment accorded Japanese-Americans during World War II), further fueling anti-Arab bigotry, and discouraging Arab-American citizens from exercising their political and civil rights;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the American Library Association Social Responsibilities Round Table demand an immediate stop to this pernicious and intimidating F.B.I. "investigation," together with a public apology by the Justice Department to the Arab-American community and all Arab guests in the United States.

SRRT Newsletter, Issue 99, page 2.