SRRT Resolutions 1980: Library Union Task Force Resolution

Library Union Task Force Resolution

Adopted at 1980 Annual Conference

Whereas, the ALA Membership meeting of June 30, 1980 narrowly defeated the motion from the Massachusetts Library Association recommending a minimum salary for beginning librarians, and

Whereas, the beginning salary of librarians in federal service at the CS-9 level is $17,035, and,

Whereas some other beginning librarians in other libraries start as low as $10,000, and

Whereas, the SRRT Library Union Task Force is concerned about fair and appropriate conditions and salaries for all workers in libraries, and

Whereas, the ALA is an educational association with interest in the high quality of service in libraries,

Therefore be it resolved that the ALA Executive Board direct the ALA offices to research and report all union contract and non-union agreements beginning salaries for the membership of ALA and [undecipherable] meeting with union and non-union differences noted, and

Be it further resolved, that the full research data be made available to individual ALA members from the OLPR and Headquarters Library, and sent to the ERIC Clearinghouse for instructional resources.

SRRT Newsletter Issue 57, pp. 8-9