SRRT Resolutions 1975: Resolution on the CIA

Resolution on the CIA

Adopted at 1975 Midwinter Meeting

WHEREAS the American Library Association has expressed its "opposition to any use of governmental prerogative which leads to the intimidation of the individual or the citizenry from the exercise of the constitutionally protected right of free expression" and has encouraged "its members to resist ... improper uses of government power" and

WHEREAS William E. Colby, who heads the CIA, has said that the CIA—which is forbidden by law from engaging in purely domestic activities—had compiled its own dossiers on 10,000 American citizens and had engaged in a variety of "black" or secret actions against some of them, and that the CIA had infiltrated undercover agents into dissident and antiwar groups in the United States, conducted three domestic break-ins, as well as attempting a fourth, performed surveillance, and operated several programs for surreptitious opening of private mail, now therefore be it

RESOLVED that the Action Council of the American Library Association's Social Responsibilities Round Table urges Congress to hold open Committee hearings on the domestic activities of the Central Intelligence Agency in order to alert and enlighten the people of the United States.

SRRT Newsletter Issue 34, pp. 5-6