SRRT Resolutions 1974: Term Limits for Top Library Administrators

Text of 1974 SRRT Resolution calling for term limits for top library administrative positions until gender equity in library administrations is achieved.
Term Limits for Top Library Administrators

Adopted at 1974 Annual Conference

WHEREAS the top administration in libraries consists predominantly of men; and

WHEREAS equal employment opportunity (endorsed by ALA at its 1974 Midwinter Meeting) demands representation of women at all levels of library work in proportion to their numbers in the library field and

WHEREAS women constitute 82% of the library profession, and

WHEREAS under the present permanent placement of library administrators in their positions, and under present discriminatory practices of filling vacancies at the administrative level with men, women in the foreseeable future cannot hope to be represented at this top level of administration in representative numbers,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the ALA encourages libraries to employ top administrators for limited terms,

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that such administrators be evaluated in periodic reviews by the entire staff, with reappointment to be conditional upon approval by the staff.

SRRT Newsletter Issue 32, p. 7