SRRT Resolutions 1974: Right to Protest Discrimination

Text of 1974 SRRT Resolution calling on ALA to endorse the right of individuals to protest discrimination in libraries without fear of retaliation.
Right to Protest Discrimination

Adopted at 1974 Annual Conference

WHEREAS, the prohibition of discrimination is Federal law; and

WHEREAS, Governmental agencies have been provided to correct conditions of discrimination; and

WHEREAS, The existence of discrimination in libraries has been abundantly documented; and

WHEREAS, In observance of ALA's support of the principles of Intellectual freedom, people exercise their right to protest discrimination and to attempt to correct it by filing complaints of discrimination with appropriate governmental agencies; and

WHEREAS, Retaliation, harassment (such as blacklisting and defamation) and other punitive practices against people who have filed such complaints violate Federal regulations designed to protect complainants in their efforts to eradicate discrimination;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED That ALA endorse the right of library workers to protest discrimination, of whatever nature by utilizing appropriate local grievance procedures, through the appropriate governmental agencies provided for this purpose, and through private attorneys, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That ALA support the right of these persons to protest discrimination without fear of retaliation.

SRRT Newsletter Issue 32, p. 8