SRRT Resolutions 1974: Office of Library Personnel Resources

Office of Library Personnel Resources

Adopted at 1974 Annual Conference

WHEREAS many library organizational structures are hierarchical, and

WHEREAS these hierarchical structures perpetuate traditional sexist divisions between administrative and non-administrative staff, and

WHEREAS the actual skills involved in doing both service and administrative work, although different in nature, are comparable in social importance, complexity, difficulty, degree of responsibility, degree of independent judgment and decision making, and,

WHEREAS a non-discriminatory valuation of service and administrative skills would demonstrate them to be much more nearly equal than is commonly reflected in salaries, advancement, recognition, and other forms of reward;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the ALA direct the Office of Library Personnel Resources to develop guidelines whereby persons in both administrative and service positions may receive the comparable rewards resulting from an accurate, nom-discriminatory valuation of these two major categories of employment within the library field.

SRRT Newsletter Issue 32, p. 9