SRRT Resolutions 1974: ALA Publishing Department

Text of SRRT Resolution calling for the ALA Executive Board to direct the ALA Publishing Department to publish materials of interest to ALA members.
ALA Publishing Department

Adopted at 1974 Midwinter Meeting

WHEREAS the first stated priority of ALA is social responsibility and

WHEREAS the ALA Publishing Department has increasingly devoted itself and its resources to issuing costly, esoteric works like the Double Elephant Portfolio, German Exile Press in America, and a history of strictly California libraries that are not relevant to contemporary professional needs and could more appropriately be published by university presses, state library associations, and—in the specific case of Voices From Brooklyn—the pertinent public library,

ALA SRRT THEREFORE calls upon the ALA Executive Board to direct the Publishing Board and its Editorial Committee to undertake the publication of valuable, necessary materials more responsive to the priority indicated by membership, e.g. the HERSTORY Index, UPS Index, a Black genealogical handbook, woman's periodical index, and labor periodicals index.

SRRT Newsletter Issue 29, p. 4