SRRT Resolutions 1973: Sex-Related Material

Sex-Related Material

Adopted at 1973 Annual Conference

Since the Supreme Court has lately encouraged the outright, wholesale censorship of sex-related material,

And since the most vulnerable and so most likely victims of such censorship are underground, alternative, and freepress publications,

The Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association emphatically states its belief that sexual, no less than political, philosophical, artistic, and other material, should enjoy full First Amendment protection,

Strongly recommends that American libraries finally recognize their unfulfilled obligation to the many sexual minorities and interests among their publics by amply stocking material relevant to them,

And urges those who may be victimized by the recent Court decision to request legal, financial, and spiritual help from ALA's Office of Intellectual Freedom, Freedom to Read Foundation, and Leroy C. Merritt Humanitarian Fund.

This resolution is to be transmitted to the Liberation News Service, Alternative Feature Service, and other freepress as well as library media.

SRRT Newsletter Issue 27, p. 15