SRRT Resolutions 1972: National Farmworkers Service Center

National Farmworkers Service Center

Adopted at 1972 Midwinter Meeting

WHEREAS, librarians are among those workers who have fought over the years for adequate compensation and status and

WHEREAS, the farmworkers in the United States are among the lowest paid and most exploited groups and

WHEREAS the UNITED FARMWORKERS ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, AFL-CIO, under the inspired leadership of Caesar Chavez is fighting to gain the farmworkers rightful and adequate compensation and status,

THEREFORE, be it presented by the SRRT TASK FORCES ON CHICANOS and ON LIBRARY SERVICES TO MIGRANTS that the following action be taken by the Action Council:

RESOLVED, that SRRT donate $200 (two hundred dollars) to the NATIONAL FARMWORKERS SERVICE CENTER, the educational, non-profit, tax exempt corporation established by the United Farmworkers Organizing Committee to further the educational, legal, medical, and consumer rights of the farmworker and $100 to the union strike fund; and be it further

RESOLVED, that this action be communicated to the appropriate government, labor, and agri-business organizations and to the LIBRARY PRESS.

SRRT Newsletter Issue 18, p. 2