Personal Membership

Any personal member of the Association may become a personal member of SORT by paying the separate personal membership fee for SORT.

Paid dues entitles members to:

  • annual subscription to the Round Table's publication, the SORT Bulletin
  • to run for or be appointed to the governing body of SORT, the SORT Steering Committee, and
  • to vote in SORT elections.

Organizational Membership

A library staff organization wishing to join SORT as an organizational member must pay the Round Table membership fee. However, to be an organizational member of SORT, the staff organization need not be situated in a library which is an organizational member of ALA. Such a staff organization may itself become a member of ALA by paying the annual dues of the Association plus the appropriate dues of SORT.

Total Membership

As of April 2013, SORT's membership consisted of 43 organizational members and 105 personal members, for a total membership of  148.


Personal Membership: $3

Organizational Membership: $6


To join SORT, select SORT on the ALA  membership  application and return it with payment to the address given at the bottom of the application.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to working with you.