Stonewall Book Awards Seal

Stonewall Book Award Seal with ALA watermark

The Stonewall Book Awards seal is a stylization of an inverted pink triangle. Originally used during World War II to denote prisoners who had been sent to Nazi concentration camps for homosexuality, it has been re-appropriated as a symbol of gay pride and used by many organizations and gay causes.

The Stonewall Book Award seal utilizes a solid black inverted triangle with a pink circle in the upper left portion. This pink circle is decoupled from the triangle in a hope that it evokes a sense of looking toward the future. Near the center of the triangle is a book, and in the upper right portion of the triangle the words “American Library Association” denoting its status an official award. The seal is surrounded by the words "Stonewall Book Award" or "Stonewall Honor Book" depending on which accolade the book has been awarded.

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The Stonewall Book Award and Stonewall Honor Book Award seals are property of the American Library Association and cannot be used in any form or reproduced without permission of the ALA Office of Rights and Permissions.