Norman Horrocks-Rowman & Littlefield

The late Dr. Norman Horrocks was an active participant in the American Library Association both during career and in retirement.  Over decades he regularly attended ALA’s Annual Conference and generously shared his knowledge with members too numerous to count or name.  He exemplified the RMRT spirit summarized in “I retired from my job but not from my profession.”


To be eligible for the RMRT Norman Horrocks-Rowman & Littlefield Press Annual Conference Travel Award one must:

  • Be a member of ALA and RMRT
  • Be retired from full-time paid employment
  • Have a record of active involvement in the American Library Association prior to retirement
  • Has not previously received the Norman Horrocks-Rowman & Littlefield Press Annual Conference Travel Award


The recipient will be reimbursed up to $1,000 in actual expenses, supported by generally acceptable receipts.  The recipient will receive $500 advance before Annual Conference and will receive the balance after Annual Conference once receipts are submitted.  The recipient will also receive complimentary registration to attend the Annual Conference.

If the recipient does not make it to the Annual Conference the $500 advance must be returned.

Deadline for Nomination of Candidates

The award will apply to the Annual Conference held in the next calendar year.

Nominations will include a statement of no more than 250 words explaining how the nominee will benefit from and contribute to participation in the Annual Conference.  Nominations will also include information about the nominee’s contributions to the American Library Association and/or other organizations with a mission and values similar to ALA’s.

The application form is located below.  Please submit by March 16.


Only members are eligible to apply, if you are not a member join today

Include a current résumé that lists education background and degrees, library positions you've held, activity in ALA, or other ALA groups, activity in other library associations, and participation in scholarly activity.