Our Partners

Current Partners

  • GameRT is proud to work with many partners, not only within ALA but also in the private sector!  Some of these include:
    • RUSA
    • NMRT
    • GNCRT
    • FMRT
    • Games Workshop
    • Wizards of the Coast
    • 9th Level Games
    • Albino Dragon
    • Fireside Games
    • Grey Fox Games
    • Haba
    • Konami
    • Looney Labs
    • Rosen Publishing
    • Thinkfun Games
    • Th3rd World Studios


Become a Sponsor

  • Some basics about being a sponsor for International Games Week:
    • International Games Week is generally a week-long event, but individual libraries choose when and how to participate. We usually have around 2000 libraries participate; 2015 was our peak thus far at more than 2157 libraries around the world.
    • We generally limit physical donations to libraries in your home country to prevent international shipping costs as your company will be handling distribution and shipping.
    • To be a donor, we need to know how many games you would be donating, a description of the game, any graphics, etc. for promotion purposes. You can donate one game or several.
    • A donation of 200 games is the minimum to be considered ‘official sponsor’. Companies that donate 200 games, will receive a blog post about the donation, the logo in the sidebar, and a link to your site on the sponsor page.
    • Companies that donate 50 games will still have their logo and the link to their site on the sponsor page.
    • Registration is online and libraries have the opportunity to self-select which donations they want. When all donations have been claimed or in early September, whichever comes first, we will provide the list of libraries to you so you can begin distribution.
    • If you are interested in sponsorship or have any questions, please email us at gamert@ala.org - we'd love to hear from you!

Corporate Membership

  • At only $20.00 in addition to ALA membership, our corporate members of GameRT help their companies connect with library staff all over the world!

For Libraries

  • Organizational membership in GameRT is only $20.00 annually on top of standard ALA membership costs.