New Writers' Support Ad Hoc Committee

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NMRTWriter is an e-mail discussion group managed by the New Writers' Support Ad Hoc Committee that is dedicated to supporting librarians looking to write and publish articles, books, grant narratives, or other scholarly communications. We are here to help generate and define topics, discuss the submission process, and share all the tips and hints we can. We encourage experienced as well as novice writers to participate, and welcome librarians from all fields and types of libraries.

Recent discussions on NMRTWriter have included strategies for generating research topics and getting published, tips on improving one's writing and common proofreading errors, finding mentors to help kickstart a publishing career, collaborating with others on articles, ideas for paper topics, calls for submissions, and pertinent conference announcements.

To subscribe to NMRTWriter, send a message to with the following in the body: subscribe nmrtwriter FIRSTNAME LASTNAME (replace both First and Lastname with a real name). Subject line should be empty.

Contact: Amanda Etches-Johnson, Committee Chair
Last Update: April 2004