Be a mentor without breaking a sweat!

Guidelines for Conference Reviewers

Thank you for volunteering!

When you arrive, a NMRT volunteer will be there to greet you. Please try to arrive about 5 minutes before the start of your shift. Due to an increasing response from job seekers in previous years, we try to schedule 2-3 reviewers for each hour slot. Job seekers can see a reviewer immediately, if there is one available, or they can sign up for an appointment.

We would like you to tell the job seeker what sort of first impression his/her resume or cover letter makes on you based on your experience as an employer.

Some points to consider include:


  • Is the resume appealing?
  • How's the font? Font size?
  • Is the use of bold and italics distracting?


  • Does the organizational approach work for the job the person is seeking or would a functional approach be better?
  • Has the person included all relevant work experience, associations, etc?


  • Are there any typos or grammatical errors?

Appointments are 30 minutes, so try to be aware of time. If you would like to offer general advice about the job market and how to conduct a successful job search, that's great too. But please try not to go over the 30 minute limit, because it will interfere with the next scheduled appointment. If the job seeker has additional questions, you may suggest that he/she sign-up for another appointment, or use the Resume Review Service via e-mail (for NMRT members only). Flyers will be available with more information or you can refer them to our web site (Resume Review committee)


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