Handbook Committee

Committee Charge

The purpose of the committee is to update the official online handbook to provide pertinent information on the goals, history, and major functions of NMRT as well as for the individual committees within the round table for those associated with the round table.

History of the Committee

Since its inception in 1975/76, the Handbook committee has gathered information on the various NMRT officers, committees, and liaisons. From 1980 to 1982, the committee was inactive, and its function was taken over by the Committee on Governance. In 1982, it was reactivated as a separate committee and has been active ever since. In 2007-2008 the handbook was transferred from the ALA web site to the NMRT wiki for quicker updating.


  • Communicate with committee chairs and board members to gather feedback and revisions to keep the NMRT Handbook up-to-date.
  • Review existing material.
  • Maintain annual review of each section of the Handbook. Review and update relevant changes to sections that have not been updated in more than two to three years.
  • Contact executive board members and committee chairs to request that they review their position descriptions and timetables and submit any changes needed.
  • If sweeping changes are planned for any area of the Handbook, circulate a draft copy of the changes to the officers and other necessary contact people concerned directly with the Handbook for their ideas and input.
  • When Handbook Committee Chairs rotate, outgoing chair needs to create a wiki account and assign Sysop to the newly appointed chair. The Sysop allows the Handbook Committee chair administrative authority to login and save edits to the Handbook wiki. Contact the ALA Staff Liaison if there are issues with assigning Sysop to the new chair.
  • Chair should check the Recent Changes page on the wiki (under Navigation on left side of wiki screen) periodically to remove spam and to block the spammers.

2019-2020 Committee Roster

Additional information may be found here and you may browse the handbook on the NMRT wiki page.