NMRT's main mailing list is NMRT-L

The American Library Association- New Members Round Table invites you to subscribe to our email discussion lists.

What is NMRT-L?

A list maintained by ALA, NMRT-L serves two complimentary purposes:

To provide a forum for discussion of issues pertinent to those of us new to the library field, including, but not limited to, salaries, professional involvement, training, continuing education, staff development, library school and almost any topic relevant to newer librarians, new ALA members, paraprofessionals, and students, with the exception of job advertisements,


To provide a communications network for members of NMRT and its state counterparts, especially officers and board members, and as such, provide a place for announcements, calls for participation, general discussion and other activities of the organizations.

Of course, any list is only a reflection of its subscribers and their interests. Any issue of concern or interest to you as a new librarian, new ALA member, paraprofessional or library school student is appropriate for posting to the list. This does not include job advertisements, which are not permitted on the list. Messages for distribution should be sent to: nmrt-l@lists.ala.org. It is considering a courtesy to include your name and institution in the body of the message, as well as a subject in the subject line of the header.

This list is not moderated. Messages to the list will automatically be distributed to all subscribers. Contributions to this list are archived at http://lists.ala.org/sympa/arc/nmrt-l.Registration is required to search the archives.Please direct any list administration questions to the listowners who are listed on the NMRT-L site.

Messages posted to NMRT-L do not necessarily reflect the official position or receive the endorsement of ALA - NMRT .

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to NMRT-L?

To subscribe or unsubscribe to NMRT-L (or any other ALA mailing list), please point your Web browser to http://lists.ala.org. If you are not already a member of any ALA list, you can click on "send me a password," and provide your e-mail address (please make note of the email address you use, since you will need it to log back into this interface), and one will be sent to you. Once logged in, you can turn any of your email subscriptions on and off.

Is there an archive of the NMRT-L mailing list?

Yes! The NMRT-L archives are avaliable at http://lists.ala.org/sympa/arc/nmrt-l.

Are there any other NMRT related mailing lists?

If you are interested, you may also wish to subscribe to either of the following NMRT lists ( you may subscribe/unsubscribe to these lists in the same manner as NMRT-L above):

  • NMRTBD - the  NMRT Board Mailing List, where Board Members and Committee Chairs can take part (and listen in on) email-based NMRT Board Meetings
  • NMRTWriter - the  NMRT New Writers List, where calls for papers and other writing opportunities are posted and general discussions about writing take place.