Message from the NMRT President

by Nanette Donohue

I just returned from the Illinois Library Association’s annual conference. Like any conference, there were speakers and presentations and “networking opportunities” (which, in a non-conference environment, would merely be parties), but some of the best experiences that I had at the conference were—surprisingly!—at meetings. I found myself energized after many of the meetings I attended, mainly because I had the opportunity to share ideas with other librarians in a small-group setting. Even when the meetings were on-topic and we were discussing, for example, a redesign of the ILA web site, I still got some good ideas that I was able to bring home to my own library. As an added bonus, I made some new friends and saw some old friends.

In my six years of active participation in NMRT, I’ve seen several projects through to completion, made some great friends, and learned one very important lesson:   that the best way to shape the future of the profession—to make your voice heard and your opinions known—is to participate. To be “out there.” To put your ideas and input into a project or a committee or a task force and to see what happens.
By the time this issue of Footnotes hits the NMRT web site, our new blog, NMRTNotes, will be up and running. The Annual Program committee will be hard at work confirming the roster of speakers (and dealing with the logistics) for our online program for this year. Laurel Bliss, the NMRT Vice President, will be starting the committee appointment process for next year, and the Nominating committee will be finalizing the roster for the 2008 election. Though there’s no conference for a couple more months, it’s a busy time—and a good time to get involved. NMRT is your organization, and we need your unique voice and contributions!

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please contact me at