November 2006, Volume 36 No. 2

nmrt footnotes

Message from Amanda Roberts, NMRT President
Amanda Roberts, the New Members Round Table (NMRT) President for 2006-2007, discusses new virtual spaces for NMRT and upcoming events.

Top of the Pile, or How to Avoid Having Your Application Thrown in the Trash.
Tricia Juettemeyer gives advice on writing a cover letter that will get you noticed in the pool of candidates.

Readers' Advisory: The Most Important Class for New Librarians  
Jessica Moyer discusses why learning Readers' Advisory skills is so important in public librarianship.

Online Information Retrieval: The Most Important Course in Library School  
Jill Lynch discusses the significance of the learning exceptional searching skills to an academic librarian.


Regular Features
November 2006 Vol. 36, No. 2