Compiled by Stacey Nordlund

On January 31st, Brandy Horne was one of 15 speakers at Augusta, Georgia's inaugural TEDx event, TEDxTelfairStreet. Brandy's talk, Separated By a Common Language: Why the Words We Use Matter covers how the language we are exposed to becomes the language we use, and vice versa. Brandy explores how our personal vocabularies can affect and even limit the information we access on the Internet, reminding us of the power and potential our words can hold. Brandy Horne is an Instruction/Reference Librarian at the University of South Carolina Aiken, and she is currently a co-coordinator for NMRT's Email Resume Review Service.

Wilhemina Randtke presented at the Southwestern Association of Law Libraries annual meeting in April 2014 on Revamping the Law Libraries Rare Books and Special Collections. A summary of the presentation was published in the Houston Area Law Librarians newsletter at page 7 of the March/April 2014 edition.