Volunteers Needed for NMRT Booth at ALA Annual

The NMRT Booth Committee is seeking volunteers to staff the NMRT Booth at ALA Annual - Washington, DC (June 25-28, 2010). The purpose of the booth is to provide information about the NMRT experience, including membership, conference activities, professional development grants, and opportunities for volunteering & networking.

If you wonder if you have the skills and knowledge that it takes to staff the booth, the answer is YES! The only thing that we ask of you is to be present and welcoming. All of the information that you'll need will be in a notebook kept at the booth.

If you're interested in volunteering, please take a look at the booth schedule to see what times work with your availability.

After choosing an hour (or two, or three...), email your preferences to Julie Kane, Committee Chair. Julie will add you to the schedule and send a confirmation email.

We hope to see you at the booth!