Eight things to know about ALA-APA

By Jenifer Grady

Members of the New Members Round Table, let me introduce you to an organization that gives you intriguing ways to get involved, upgrade your salaries and/or status, and showcase the importance of the work you do. The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association is a service organization to ALA members. It manages certification programs and advocates for higher salaries for library employees.

1. If you’re looking for ways to get involved professionally, ALA-APA has committees and would love for you to volunteer. There are committees related to better salaries and status for library employees, certification, publishing and fundraising. ALA-APA has no members but ALA members serve on its committees.
2. If you are looking for an outlet to publish, submit an article to Library Worklife: HR E-News for Today’s Leaders. It’s published each month and topic areas include career advancement, HR best practices and achieving worklife balance. LW is a benefit for institutional members of ALA and $35 for individuals.
3. If you want to know the range of salaries in a public or academic library, ALA-APA publishes an annual salary survey for librarians - ALA-APA Salary Survey: Librarian: Public and Academic - $81 for ALA members. We also offer the Library Salary Database, which includes salaries from 2006 to the present for six librarian titles and more than 60 non-MLS titles – $50/30-day subscription; $150/annual subscription.
4. And speaking of salaries, if you want to know how to ask for what you deserve, at most annual conferences, ALA-APA hosts a session on salary negotiation training. ALA-APA will also provide customized training at libraries, library conferences and to groups. Contact the office for details.
5. If you are a new manager or know that you have gaps in your managerial skill set, you may want to enroll in the Certified Public Library Administrator (CPLA®) Program. More than 130 public librarians are gaining the management skills they need to be effective. Through courses and learning from one another, they are tackling budgeting, personnel, grant writing and more. Apply before the next deadline on March 12, 2010. Contact ALA-APA for testimonials from candidates and graduates. You can also take CPLA courses even if you don’t want to be part of the program.
6. And speaking of certification, if you are, know of, or manage support staff, the Library Support Staff Certification Program is accepting applications now!
7. If you’re looking for another reason to plan a part, National Library Workers Day is coming soon! On Tuesday, April 13, 2010, libraries celebrate this day that honors the people who make the library such a valuable resource. There are lots of ideas on how to celebrate.
8. Finally, if you’ve made some healthy decisions that you would like to share, the Workplace Wellness website awaits stories of your wellness journey.

ALA-APA thanks all of you for your support.

If you have questions,  please contact Jenifer Grady, 800-545-2433, x24224.

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