February 2009, Volume 38 No. 3

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  Newbie in Town: My Experiences with ALA Council at Midwinter 2009 - By Jenny Emanuel

NMRT Conference Orientation - By Dawn Amsberry

NMRT Midwinter Conference Orientation - Get Involved! - By Jill Dixon

Stonewall Book Award Winners Announced - By Matthew P. Ciszek


Regular Features

President's Column - By Laurel Bliss, NMRT President 2008-2009

Job Talk Column - By Emily Love


Headliners - By Jennifer Dawson

Ever wondered what exactly ALA Council does? Check out this terrific new video: ALA Council: Who, What, Why, and How that was created and debuted at Midwinter! It features NMRT Members Aaron Dobbs, Heidi Dolamore, Amy Harmon and Courtney L. Young.

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