August 2012, Volume 42 No. 1

Feature Articles

Tips for the Solo Librarian by Sarah Brown

ALA Annual Recaps

Jumping in the Deep End: an ALA Conference Overview by Mackenzie Brooks

Network, Network, Network: Attending ALA Annual as a Student-To-Staff Program Participant by Ashley Guy

Reviewing Resumes at ALA: A great way to rest your feet, meet new librarians, and give back by Tammy Ivins

Planning out the ALA Annual by Ava Iuliano

Recap of Professional Networking for New Librarians: Annual Webinar on Online Networking by Ava Iuliano

LIS Student Reception by Members of the Student Reception Committee (Angiah Davis, Jennifer Green, Sarah Preskitt, and Tracy Stout)

Best Practices for Putting on Cultural Programming by Michael Mungin

Conference How To for Noobs by Amanda Youngbar

Emerging Leaders Program Reflections

From Midwinter to Annual: Lessons Learned in my 2012 Emerging Leader Experience by Laksamee Putnam

How I Emerged Thanks to NMRT by Heidi Steiner

Regular Features

President’s Column by Janel Kinlaw

Headliners compiled by Anthony Prince