Surfin’ for a Job

by Karen Evans

There are a multitude of sites available to help in your job search.  From finding the perfect job (at least the perfect job ad), creating a cover letter and resume, tips on acing the interview and presentation; the Internet is quickly becoming a premier source of information for job seekers.  Below are a variety of sites to assist you in every step of the job search.

Locating a Job

Variety of ways to search for positions; including state, library type, salary range, and degree required.

    LITA: Jobs in Library and Information Technology
Positions are divided by region for the United States, also includes a section on jobs outside of the U.S.  “New This Week” features current positions available.
Extensive list of positions.  Can search by state or scroll entries (listed in reverse chronological order).

    Black Caucus of the American Library Association
Listing of positions.  Also provides information on the organization (leadership, online forms, history, and resources).

    Special Library Association
Browse by job category, state/province, or country.

    Special Library Association Career Center
Provides information for job seekers and employers.  Variety of links available for job seekers: articles and resources, career coaching, and assistance for “career disruption.”

Creating a Cover Letter and Resume

    Monster Career Advice
Information provided on creating a resume and cover letter.  Can your resume pass the Resume Readiness Quiz?

    Purdue University Online Writing Lab: Online Workshops: Resume
Provides information on creating your resume, including education, experience, contact information, honors and activities.

    Rockport Institute: How to Write a Masterpiece of a Resume
A very detailed site covering many aspects of creating a resume; from “How To Knock The Socks Off A Prospective Employer” to “Add Power To Your Resume With Powerwords.”  

    Jobweb: Resume Rubric
Provides information to “grade” your resume concerning the format and content (education, experience, activities).

    Jobweb: Seven Tips for Effective Resume Writing
Seven tips to help create a winning resume.  The information is basic and straightforward.  Good for the beginning resume writer.

Cover and Thank You Letters

    Purdue University: Online Writing Lab: Online Workshop: Cover Letter
Information on the purpose of a cover letter, how to organize and format a letter.  Also provides a Section Overview—answering many questions about creating a cover letter.

    Career Services @ Virginia Tech
Includes information on samples and types of letters.  Provides a section on what should be included in ALL cover letters.

    Career Services @ Virginia Tech: Thank You
When and how to write a thank you letter.  Site also provides sample letters.

    Career Services @ Virginia Tech: Interview Follow-up/Thank you
Purpose of follow-up letters and samples.  How to send the letter (e-mail, snail, etc).   Includes what to do if you do not hear from an employer.

    Boston College: Thank You Letter
Basic information on creating and sending a thank you letter (whom to send a thank you letter to, length of letter, personalizing letter, etc).


    101+ Commonly Asked Interview Questions
List of questions asked during interviews.  Good for practicing interview answers and skills.

    University of South Carolina: School of Library & Information Science
Fifty-four of the “most frequently” asked interview questions.

    First Impressions, Lasting Impressions: Tips for Job Interviews
Research the organization/school/business you are interviewing with.  Thank everyone. Practice answering questions.  Site provides tips for successful interviewing.

    The Interviewing Process Broken Down
From looking your best to checking the status of your application, the tips provided in this article can assist you preparing for an interview.

Presenting Presenting with Confidence: 10 Tips for Librarians
Ten tips to help you present successfully, from preparing to breathing.  Also includes suggested resources for further reading.