Message from the NMRT President

by Amanda Roberts

Welcome, everyone, to another exciting NMRT year! We have a lot of new faces, and this is reflected in our growing membership (more than 1,800) and in our number of committees (27). This year marks the 75th anniversary of the ALA New Members Round Table, which began as the Junior Members Round Table (JMRT) in 1931. In its founding year, JMRT consisted of 200 members, and its activities included the creation of a library literature subject index to supplement "Cannon's Bibliography of Library Economy, 1876-1920;" a survey of the effectiveness of library education; and a ":Junior Librarians Section," which was published in the monthly Wilson Bulletin and featured JMRT writers. This year, we are continuing in the spirit of our predecessors. The Scholarship, Research, and Writing Committee will be taking charge of the May 2007 print issue of Footnotes and will be soliciting articles for submission from NMRTers. We have two new leadership changes; the first is the creation of the Marshall Cavendish Essay Award Committee and the second is the new position of Fundraising Coordinator. Future projects include the investigation of a formalized internship program, as well as increased functionality of the NMRT Web site.

Stay tuned to NMRT-L for opportunities to participate, and if you are not yet on a committee, consider getting involved. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, accolades, or you just want to introduce yourself, please email me at