SSRA Leadership Survey Responses

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The SSRA committee posted the following survey on the NMRT-L and Newlib-L discussion lists, and thirteen people responded. The responses to each question were compiled, and the most common responses are listed below, along with the number of people who gave that response. (Note: most of the people gave multiple responses to each question, which is why the total number of responses to each question is larger than the total number of people who responded.)

  1. What do new librarians want to know about leadership?
    • How to gain leadership experience/develop leadership skills (9)
    • How to be an effective leader (3)
    • Other (5)
  2. What strategies have you taken to establish yourself as a new or potential leader in your workplace and in professional organizations? (how you have taken advantage of opportunities, learned from good and bad supervisors, mentors, etc.)
    • Involvement in/volunteering for professional association committees and community organizations (6)
    • Acting professionally, showing initiative, and demonstrating responsibility at work (5)
    • Demonstrating good communication skills (5)
    • Seeking out mentors/observing supervisors (5)
    • Looking for learning experiences (3)
    • Volunteering to take on additional tasks or responsibilities at work (3)
    • Other (2)
  3. What methods do you use to learn about leadership and develop your skills?
    • Interact with and seek advice from mentors and supervisors (6)
    • Take advantage of training courses, seminars, workshops, and conference sessions that address leadership (5)
    • Read about leadership in professional literature and literature outside the field of librarianship (4)
    • Observe leaders, such as senior librarians and library directors (3)
    • Participate in group or committee work (3)
    • Take on leadership positions to learn from experiences (3)
    • Join library-related listservs (2)
    • Other (2)
  4. What obstacles do you face?
    • Gaining the trust and respect of older and/or more experienced employees (4)
    • Lack of experience (4)
    • Workplace politics (4)
    • Youthful appearance (4)
    • Effective time management/lack of time for professional development (2)
    • Other (2)
  5. What do you think libraries or professional organizations can do to help you?
    • Sponsor more seminars/conference sessions on all areas of leadership, especially web-based training that is free or low-cost (5)
    • Provide more opportunities for leadership experience/more leadership programs (5)
    • Offer more funds/award more scholarships to assist new librarians in attending conferences (3)
    • Other (2)
  6. Are you in a supervisory or non-supervisory position?
    • Supervisory (4)
    • Non-supervisory (9)