NMRT Midwinter Social Committee


The Midwinter Social Committee plans and executes a social event which provides new and continuing NMRT members an opportunity to meet and talk in a relaxed and fun environment.


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The Midwinter Social Committee had its origins in the Midwinter Activities Committee, which was established in 1977 to plan and execute the NMRT Orientation Program and an informal event during the Midwinter Meeting. The first Midwinter Orientation was held in 1978. Effective 2002-2003 it became the responsibility of the Orientation Committee to plan and conduct the Orientation Program for both Annual and Midwinter, and the main focus of the Midwinter Activities Committee shifted to a social activity. The activity can include meeting for dinner or something less formal, such as a pub gathering. The committee still provides information on the host city, in coordination with the Orientations Committee.

Major Responsibilities

To organize an informal gathering for new and old NMRT members to network. The purpose of the informal event should be to give new NMRT members the opportunity to meet and talk with experienced members, and for everyone to meet old friends and make new ones.

Upcoming Committee Events

Information to come.

Staff Liaison

Kimberly L. Redd, Program Manager, (HRDR & ALA-APA)