MAGERT email list

Since May of 2007 the Map and Geography Round Table has offered its members participation in a membership-wide email list. Members of MAGERT who had provided their email address to ALA and had indicated to the organization that they are willing to be contacted electronically by ALA are automatically subscribed to the list.

This list's purpose is generally to enable any subscribed member of MAGERT to contact all other subscribed round table members with the intent of distributing information or seeking member opinions that are related to the purpose of conducting round table business. Representative examples could include a member of the executive board or a committee who uses this list to contact the general membership in order to discuss member preferences or issues surrounding a MAGERT publication or an upcoming MAGERT conference program or a committee member who uses this list to conduct a survey to gather information or opinions from the general membership in order to perform the committee's work.

This is an unmoderated email list hosted by ALA, which means that subscribers to the list can post to the list without the need for a moderator to decide which messages are appropriate. Therefore, subscribers are asked to keep their messages relevant to the purpose of the list so that the list can remain most useful to the entire MAGERT membership.

Those of you who are MAGERT members but who are not currently subscribed to the list and who would like to be subscribed may send this request to Danielle Alderson at

Currently subscribed members may post a message to this list by addressing it to

If at any time you wish to unsubscribe or update your email address, please send your request to Danielle Alderson at

While ALA hosts the email list, the MAGERT Membership Committee oversees aspects related to the list’s purpose, scope, and guidelines of use. Therefore, any questions pertaining to usage can be directed to MAGERT Membership Committee Chair Wade Bishop at or committee member John Lawton at

Thank you, and we look forward to your participation!