Library Research Roundtable Chair's Report

To: Library Research Round Table Members
From: JoBell Whitlatch, Chair
Re: Fall Report to Membership

Help LRRT Promote the Importance of Research

The Library Research Round Table needs the assistance of all its members in encouraging other librarians to promote and support research within ALA. Please take a moment to encourage a colleague to join LRRT. Share our membership brochure with a colleague! All of the information for adding LRRT to an existing ALA membership is available on this page:

LRRT Programs in New Orleans

LRRT has a full slate of very interesting programs for you at the conference:

Librarians as Research Subjects
Saturday, June 24, 10:30- Noon: MCC, Rooms 240-241

Does Data Count? How Library Administrators Make Decisions
Saturday, June 24, 1:30-3:30: MCC, Room 291

New Minds, New Approaches: Juried Papers by LIS Students
Sunday, June 25, 10:30- Noon: MCC, Rooms 240-241

Four Star Research
Sunday, June 25, 1:30-3:30: MCC, Room 342

A separate document provides detailed information about each of LRRT's programs. We look forward to seeing you there! Members are also very welcome to visit the LRRT Steering Committee Meeting, which is 8-10AM, Saturday, June 24, MCC Room 277.

Library Research Seminar IV October 10-12, 2007

The theme for the fourth research seminar is The Library in its Socio-Cultural Context: Issues for Research and Practice. The conference will be held at the Station Park hotel in London, Ontario. Reserve the date on your calendar now and look for the call for papers to be issued in early 2007. For more information contact Dr. Gloria J. Leckie, Faculty of Information and Media Studies, University of Western Ontario,

Mentoring Program Within LRRT

Join Lynn Westbrook and start up a new mentoring research committee within LRRT. We are looking for volunteers to participate in this project, to establish specific topics, such as questionnaire design, statistics, techniques of mentoring for specific projects. If you are interested please send your name to

Newly Elected LRRT Officers

New officers are:
John Bertot, Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect
Linda Cooper, Secretary/Treasurer
Jennifer Lang, Member-At-Large

Thank you LRRT Members

First many thanks to the nominating committee, Lynn Westbrook (chair), Marie Radford, and Tom Nisonger for continuing to support LRRT by assisting us in electing our new officers. The efforts of our Steering Committee and other members have been essential in planning and organizing our programs. We particularly appreciate the efforts of Joan Stein, who organized the two Research Forums, and Vicki Gregory and Denice Adkins for organizing the presentation of Juried Papers by LIS Students. Alma Dawson has produced very useful minutes throughout her three years of service. Myoung Wilson has continued to assist LRRT with membership development and we hope that we can count on all of you to assist her as well! ALA staff, Denise Davis and Letitia Earvin, have coordinated much needed and greatly appreciated staff support.

LRRT Steering Committee Members for 2005/06 are:

Chair, Jo Bell Whitlatch,
Chair-Elect, Joan E. Stein,
Secretary/Treasurer, Alma Dawson,
Past-Chair, Steve Wiberley,
Member-at-Large, Vicki L. Gregory,
Member-at-Large, Lorri M. Mon,
Member-at-Large, Jeffrey Pomerantz,
Staff Liaison, Denise M. Davis,

May 31, 2006