Library Research Roundtable Chair's Report

To: Library Research Round Table Members
From: Joan Stein, Chair
Re: Spring Report to Membership

Annual Membership Meeting of the LRRT

The Annual Membership of the Library Research Round Table will take place at the beginning of the following LRRT Forum:

Information Seeking Behavior from Childhood through College
6/23/2007 Saturday
01:30 pm - 03:30 pm
WCC (Convention Center)
Room 147 B

We’d love to see you there and bring you up to date on the work of the LRRT Steering Committee and its projects on your behalf.  You are also encouraged and welcome to attend the Steering Committee meeting (see below for date, time, and place).

LRRT Events @ ALA Annual 2007 in Washington D.C.

The LRRT Steering Committee encourages all members to attend the excellent slate of programs that we have arranged for the Annual Conference.  Please come and support your colleagues while you learn about their interesting research and its implications.  I hope to see many of you there.

LRRT Steering Committee
6/23/2007 Saturday
08:00 am - 10:00 am
WCC (Convention Center); Room 141  ** All LRRT members are welcome to attend as guests.

LRRT Forums:
Research: A User Experience
6/23/2007 Saturday
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
WCC (Convention Center); Room 203 A/B

Information Seeking Behavior from Childhood through College
6/23/2007 Saturday
01:30 pm - 03:30 pm
WCC (Convention Center); Room 147 B

New Minds, New Approaches: Juried Papers by LIS Students
6/24/2007 Sunday
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
WCC (Convention Center); Room 142

Four Star Research
6/25/2007 Monday
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
WCC (Convention Center); Room 143 A

Election results for Steering Committee openings

The Steering Committee thanks everyone who agreed to run for appointment to the LRRT Steering Committee and as ALA Councilor for LRRT.  The results of the elections follow:
Vice Chair/Chair-Elect:  Denise E. Agosto
Member-at-Large:  Allyson Carlyle
LRRT ALA Councilor:  Sarah M. Pritchard

I would also like to thank the hard-working members of this year’s Nominating Committee, chaired by Marie Radford and including Martha Kyrillidou of ARL and Gloriana St. Clair, Carnegie Mellon University Libraries, for their efforts on our behalf.

Committee openings this year

If you are interested in serving on any of our committees for the upcoming year, please contact our incoming Chair, John Carlo Bertot of Florida State University at:

Examples of committees to be populated include: Mentoring; Ingenta Award; Membership; Steering Committee.

By-Laws change results

I am pleased to announce that the By-Laws change to permit voting via email passed by a resounding 98.9%.  This change will greatly facilitate the work of the LRRT Steering Committee and membership.  Thank you all for your support of this change.

LRRT representative to the ALA Conference Program Coordinating Team

Bella Karr Gerlich, Associate Professor and Associate University Librarian,
GCSU Library and Instructional Technology Center, Georgia College & State University, has been selected to represent the LRRT membership for an upcoming two-year term on the ALA Conference Program Coordinating Team.  Thank you to all the members who generously volunteered their time and expertise to serve in this capacity.

New LRRT Membership Volunteer Opportunity

The ALA 2008 Nominating Committee is looking for interested applicants and nominations to run on the 2008 spring ballot for the offices of ALA President-elect and Councilor-at-large. 

The Nominating Committee will select two candidates to run for President-elect and no fewer than 51 candidates for the 34 at-large Council seats to be filled in the 2008 spring election.  The President-elect will serve a three-year term: as President-elect in 2008-2009, as President in 2009-2010, and as Immediate Past President in 2010-2011.

The Councilors-at-large will serve three-year terms, beginning after the 2008 ALA Annual Conference and ending at the adjournment of the 2011 Annual Conference.

The ALA President and Councilors also serve in corresponding roles in the ALA-Allied Professional Association [ALA-APA].  Individuals considering ALA-APA office are encouraged to consult with their employer regarding any restrictions regarding lobbying activities or service on the governing body of a 501(c)6 organization.

Members who wish to make nominations should submit the following information: nominee name; present position; institution; address; telephone; fax; and e-mail address.  Self-nominations are encouraged.   All potential nominees must complete the Potential Candidate Biographical Form available at

Nominations and forms must be received no later than September 1, 2007.  Nominations and requests for detailed position descriptions for each office may be sent to any member of the 2008 Nominating Committee.  Interested nominees should go ahead and complete the Potential Candidate Biographical Form (link provided above).   

The committee chair is: W. Lee Hisle, Chair, Vice President of Information Services & Librarian of College, Connecticut College. E-mail:

LRRT Awards Winners

The Steering Committee is proud to announce the winners of the following LRRT-sponsored awards for 2007:

1. The Ingenta Research Award:  “User Attitudes' Toward E-books: A Q Methodology Study” by  Aaron Shrimplin, John Fink, Susan Hurst, and Kevin Messner, all of Miami University Libraries of Ohio.

2. The Jesse H. Shera Award for Distinguished Published Research:
"Information and Library Science MPACT: A Preliminary Analysis" Gary Marchionini, Paul Solomon, Chery Davis, and Terrel Russell.  Library & Information Science Research, vol. 28, 2006, pp. 480-500.

3. The Jesse H. Shera Award in Support of Dissertation Research:
"Measuring Medline Searching Skills Acquisition and Retention in Medical Students" by Melissa Just.
The LRRT Steering Committee extends its warm congratulations to the winners of these awards and our thanks to the LRRT members who served on these committees.  The Jesse H. Shera Awards Committee was chaired this year by Neal Kaske and the Ingenta Award Committee by JoBell Whitlatch.

Library Research Seminar IV 2007

I’d like to alert the LRRT membership to the upcoming Library Research Seminar IV this October, 2007.  The Library and Information Science Program of the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario will host Library Research Seminar IV, October 10-12, 2007.   The conference will be held at the Station Park hotel in London, Ontario with plenary sessions at the London Central Public Library.   The conference theme is The Library in Its Socio-Cultural Context: Issues for Research and Practice. The conference will open with a plenary session on Wednesday morning, October 10, and will run through to the closing plenary on Friday afternoon, October 12.  For more information visit the LRS IV website or contact Dr. Gloria J. Leckie, Faculty of Information and Media Studies, University of Western Ontario,

Long live the Chair

John Bertot is the incoming Chair of the LRRT and his assistance to me during my tenure as Chair this year has been invaluable.  I know that I will be leaving the membership in very capable hands as I move into the position of Past-Chair of the Steering Committee.  I would like to thank everyone whose work has made my job easier, including each member of the current Steering Committee (and particularly Linda Cooper for serving as Secretary/Treasurer and to Lorri Mon of the University of Washington, whose term expires at the end of ALA Annual 2007) and our ALA Staff Liaison, Letitia Earvin.  I would also like to thank the entire membership for your interest and enthusiasm.  It has been a pleasure working with and for you on the Steering Committee.

Recommend LRRT membership to a colleague

If each member were to attempt to recruit one other member interested in supported research in the American Library Association, our membership could double.  Let’s make the effort to share our own enthusiasm and support for research by reaching out interested colleagues that are not yet members.