Call for Mentors: LRRT Mentorship Program *extended* NOW DUE JUNE 5, 2013

Looking for ways to help the next generation of information and library science researchers?
Consider becoming a mentor through the Library Research Round Table (LRRT) Mentorship
Program. The LRRT Mentorship Program promotes and supports the substantive and rigorous
research that will shape the future of information science and library practice. LRRT mentors
cultivate professional relationships with protégés who are developing research skills like
collecting and analyzing data, and disseminating the results to both the research and
professional communities.

Criteria for Mentors

Mentors are experienced researchers willing to provide coaching and support for one or more
developing researchers, in onetoone
or small group formats. Protégés may be anyone
considering conducting research studies on LIS issues, including new and experienced
librarians as well as students. Mentor involvement can vary: some mentors may serve in an
advisory role, while others may choose to pursue a fullfledged
collaboration with their
protégé(s). At heart, the most important thing is the ability and willingness to help.

Responsibilities of Mentors

Responsibilities of the mentor include:
● Agreeing to attend the LRRT Mentorship Program Discussion Forum at the ALA Annual
Conference in 2013 and 2014.
● Agreeing to contact your protégé(s) on a regular basis between Annual Conferences.
● Agreeing to advise and support your protégé(s) on the development and execution of a
research project.
● Agreeing to advise and support your protégé(s) to bring the research project to
completion, resulting in papers for publication in conference proceedings, journals, and
presentations at the LRRT Research Forums.
● Agreeing to work with your protégé(s) to prepare a brief presentation or report on
research in progress at the LRRT Mentorship Program Discussion Forum at ALA Annual
● Agreeing to complete an evaluation form regarding participation in the LRRT Mentorship
Program to inform the improvement of the Program.

Important Dates

If you are interested in becoming a mentor in the LRRT Mentorship Program, please complete
the mentor application by May 30, 2013 (application available here: The
LRRT Mentorship Program Discussion Forum will be held at the ALA Annual Conference on
Saturday, June 29, 2013 from 1 2:
30pm, in the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Regency
Ballroom B.

Mentor/Protégé Matching

The LRRT Mentorship Program Discussion Forum at the 2013 ALA Annual Conference will
provide discussion tables identified by research methodologies and/or research areas, with
mentors seated at each table. This will allow potential protégés to identify mentors, and it will
permit mentors and potential protégés to speak in person to determine if their research interests
are compatible, and if and how they wish to develop their professional relationship.
The profession needs you! Please consider sharing your expertise
by volunteering to serve as a mentor in the LRRT Mentorship

Please fill out the mentor application (available here:, and a LRRT
Mentorship Program Committee member will be in touch in June.
If you have additional questions about the Library Research Round Table (LRRT) Mentorship
Program, contact Lynn Silipigni Connaway at or Stephanie Alexander at