LIRT Conference Program -- 2013

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Going Where the User Takes Us:
Instruction beyond the Library Classroom

Sunday, June 30, 2013
1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

McCormick Place Convention Center S106b

If libraries want to remain relevant and vital to their communities, they need to reach out to their users in virtual and physical spaces beyond the traditional library walls. Library instruction is no different. It needs to go beyond the traditional library classroom with 20 computers and a white board. Instruction can occur when a school library hosts an after-school program or club. Instruction can occur when a public library offers homework tutoring. Instruction can occur when an academic library partners with another campus organization to provide a workshop in the student union. This program will explore how libraries are doing library instruction outside of the traditional classroom, how it benefits patrons, and how other libraries can implement similar instruction initiatives. There will be invited speakers from public, school, and academic libraries.

Featured Presentations

"Collaborating for Success" Kristin Bernet, Upper School Librarian, the Harpeth Hall School of Nashville, TN Alice Bryant, Middle School Librarian, the Harpeth Hall School of Nashville, TN

At the Harpeth Hall School, an independent all-girls college prepatory school in Nashville, Tennessee, all library instruction is incorporated directly into the curriculum. Gone are the days of "library classes" and stand-alone instruction. Following an established "Information Literacy Skills Progression" matrix, librarians collaborate with teachers and an academic technology specialist to integrate library skills into curriculum based projects. Alice Bryant, Middle School librarian, will discuss her experiences creating the "Information Literacy Skills Progression" matrix and how it is used to incorporate library instruction into projects with each grade in the Middle School. Kristin Bernet, Upper School librarian, will demonstrate how collaboration between the science department and the library resulted in a highly successful infectious diseases project.

"The Librarian is in the Dorm" Lynda Kellam, Data Services, Government Information, and Political Science Librarian, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Librarians at UNCG have developed new programs and strengthened existing relationships across campus with Student Affairs Connection. SAC connects librarian liaisons with student affairs units to promote library resources and events and collaborate with staff of these units to provide innovative new services. In a pilot program with Warren Ashby Residential College (ARC), North Carolina's oldest living-learning community, I am considered a member of the ARC staff, along with the directors and live-in faculty members. My activities have included consulting with ARC faculty on incorporating the library's resources into assignments, having regular office hours (2-4/week) in the dorm, attending events, and teaching a content course in political science that ARC students can take.

"YOUmedia" Nichole Pinkard, Visiting Associate Professor in the College of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul University and co-founder of Chicago Public Library's YOUmedia space

Nichole will be talking about the YOUmedia program at Chicago Public Library.