LIRT Conference Program -- 2011

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The Big (and Not so Easy):
Missing Voices on the Student Transition to College

Sunday, June 26, 2011
10:30 to Noon

Doubletree Hotel, International Ballroom

Library Instruction Roundtable presents The Big (and Not so Easy): Missing Voices on the Student Transition to College, a panel discussion that will explore the problems students face upon entering the more complicated information landscape of the college or university through the stories of those directly involved -- including those rarely heard from such as the students themselves, the high school teachers and public librarians who have experience working with adolescents, and faculty members who must initiate students into the rigors of academe.

Panelists will include Philip Bellan, a junior at Louisiana State University; Erin Haddad-Null, an English instructor who works with freshmen at University of Connecticut, Faye Haley, a veteran high school English teacher who works with juniors and seniors Jefferson Parish, La., and Mary Stein, an assistant director at the East Baton Rouge Public Library.

Members of the panel will speak to questions addressing their own research experiences as well as those of their students. They will also discuss techniques they have adopted as both educators and learners in order to help their students and themselves. For more information, look at the annotated bibliography annotated bibliography that has been prepared for this program.

This panel was organized by the Library Instruction Roundtable’s Transitions to College Committee in collaboration with the 2011 Conference Program Committee.