LIRT Conference Program -- 2002

A quarter of a century ago, two separate groups of forward-thinking librarians within ALA decided to form both a section and a round table dedicated to encouraging creativity and innovation in teaching and learning in all types of libraries. These two units of ALA have fostered and supported instruction librarians since 1977. We have a day of festivities planned for Sunday, June 16. We hope you'll spend the day and celebrate with us.

Emerging Visions: Libraries and Education in the 21st Century

June 16, 2002 -- 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Atlanta Marriott Marquis -- Imperial Ballroom, Salon B

Since the founding of LIRT in 1977, sweeping technological innovations have changed how we teach, both in the classroom and in the library. In a broad look at the future, this program will examine new directions in the field of education and how they will impact libraries.

The keynote speaker will be Dr. Louis Schmier, professor of history at Valdosta State University, and author of Random Thoughts: The Humanity of Teaching and Random Thoughts II: Teaching from the Heart. Louis Schmier will share his philosophies on student-centered learning and how it applies to libraries.

Tim Grimes, Associate Director of Community Relations of the Ann Arbor District Library, Michigan, and a former President of LIRT, will speak on the increasing need for and direction of instruction for users in public libraries.

Jean Donham, College Librarian, Cornell College, Iowa, and a former middle school teacher, will discuss how to apply lessons learned from the field of education to library instruction. Slides from Ms. Donham's presentation are available.

A summary is now available.

25th Anniversary Party

June 16, 2002 -- 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Atlanta Marriott Marquis -- Bonn/London/Zurich/Sydney

Join LIRT and IS as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary with a birthday cake, prizes, and recognition of those individuals who have been important in these two organizations during the past 25 years.

IS Annual Conference Program
Building Premier Learning Communities:
Strategies for Successful Library Involvement

June 16, 2002 -- 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Atlanta Marriott Marquis -- Imperial Ballroom, Salon A

Learning communities have been described as "an intentional process of redesigning curriculum and bringing faculty and students together to create more coherent and collaborative learning enbironments." This program will investigate the components of successful learning communities and suggest specific strategies for library involvement. Keynote speaker Nancy Shapiro, founding director of the College Park Scholars Program, University of Maryland, will provide and overview of the development of learning communities and future directions. Librarian panelists will explore components of successful library involvement.