Library History Round Table

Bibliography of Writings on the History of
Libraries, Librarianship, and Book Culture

Fall 1996

compiled by Ed Goedeken, Iowa State University

A. United States
B.Non-U.S. Western Hemisphere
C. Europe
D. Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Other
E. General; Historiography; Philosophy; Library & Information Science Education

Armstrong, Robert D.  "A Proper Business Prudence: Arizona's
	 Extraterritorial Printing, 1865-1887, and an 1889 Variation, 
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	(June 1996): 195-215.  [Part II of this essay appears in the 
	September 1996 issue of the Papers, pp. 343-66.]
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	[Covers careers of Caroline Hewins, Anne Carroll Moore, 
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Gwinn, Nancy Elizabeth.  "The Origins and Development of International
	 Publication Exchange in Nineteenth-Century America," 
	(Unpublished Ph.D. Dissertation, George Washington University), 
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	involvement of Smithsonian Institution and LC]
Hall, Peter Dobkin.  "To Make Us Bold and Learn to Read--to Be Friends
	 to Each Other and Friends to the World: Libraries and the Origins
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	 Jean Carolyn Roos, Margaret Edwards, and others]
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	[Melcher initiated the awards in 1922]
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	Negro in Africa and America," Libraries & Culture 31 
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	[Collection of first-person accounts of minority librarians]
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	[Individual essays of historical nature are also listed 
	in this section of the LHRT bibliography]
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	A copy of the article is available at:
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