Bibliography of Writings on the History of Libraries, Librarianship, and Book Culture

By Ed Goedeken
Fall 2003


A.United States
B.Non-US Western Hemisphere
D.Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Other
E.History of Books, Reading, and Book Culture
F.General, Historiography, Philosophy, and Library and Information Science Education


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Essays in this volume include:

Jumonville, Florence M. "Books along the Bayous: Reading Materials for Two Centuries of Rural Louisiana," pp. 11-25.
Freeman, Robert S. "Harper & Brothers' Family and School District Libraries, 1830-1846," pp. 26-49.
Hovde, David M. "Benevolence at Sea: Shipboard Libraries for the American Navy and Merchant Marine," pp. 50-72.
Watson, Paula D. "Valleys without Sunsets: Women's Clubs and Traveling Libraries," pp. 73-95.
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