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Cumulative Bibliography of Library History

1990-Spring 1995

Compiled by Ed Goedeken, Bibliographer for the Humanities, Iowa State University.

Semiannual bibliographies originally appeared in issues of the LHRT Newsletter. LHRT has consolidated them here to improve searchability. Entries are arranged alphabetically.

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Addison-Wesley: The First Fifty Years, 1942-1992 (Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., 1993) ISBN 0-201-56700-8.

"The Book Arts" Kentucky Review 11 (Autumn 1992): 5-68. [Issue devoted to the private press tradition and book collecting in Kentucky]

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"The Future of the Book" Liberal Education 79 (Winter 1993). Issue devoted to the past, present, and future of the book as a medium for conveying information.

"A History of Librarianship," in P. Lee and Y.A. Um. Libraries and Librarianship in Korea (1994), pp. 1-14. [Overview of Korean library history]

"History of Libraries in North Carolina" North Carolina Libraries 50 (Spring 1992): whole issue.

A Houghton Library Chronicle (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard College Library, 1992). 98 pp. ISBN 0-914630-06-7.

Information and Libraries in the Developing World: v. 2 South-East Asia and China (London: Library Association, 1993), pp. 65-79.

James Ford Bell and His Books (Minneapolis: Associates of the James Ford Bell Library, 1993) 83 pp. 0-9601798-3-6. [Bell was founder and president of General Mills Company]

"Librarianship in Developing Countries: The African Experience," Library Review 40 (1991). Entire issue devoted to this topic.

The Reference Librarian nos. 25/26 (1989) reprints several essays by Samuel Rothstein on the history of reference service in the United States.  

Sale Catalogues of the Libraries of Samuel Johnson, Hester Lynch Thrale, and James Boswell (New Castle, Del.: Oak Knoll Books, 1993) 320 pp. $200.00 ISBN 0-938768-44-1

"Symposium on Presidential Libraries" Government Information Quarterly v. 11, no. 1 (1994): 7-72. [Essays on the Reagan, Nixon, Ford, and Carter presidential libraries]

"Symposium on Presidential Libraries and Materials," Government Information Quarterly v. 12, no. 1
(1995): 15-128. [Essays on the Bush, Reagan, Carter, Nixon, Johnson, Ford, Kennedy, FDR, Eisenhower,
and Hoover presidential libraries]

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