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 Library History Round Table

American Library Association

Annual 2014 Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

Sunday, June 29, 2014, 8:30–10:00 a.m.

Las Vegas Convention Center, Room N255


INTRODUCTIONS AND PAST BUSINESS (15 minutes, 8:308:45 a.m.)


1. Welcome and *BRIEF* highlights from officer reports (10 minutes, 8:30–8:40 a.m.)

2. Approval of officer and committee reports (5 minutes, 8:40–8:45 a.m.)


***PLEASE NOTE***: Attendees should read all officers’ reports *ahead* of time, since they will not be delivered orally at this meeting. The reports will be available on ALA Connect and the LHRT website as soon as possible. If you need copies, contact LHRT Chair Bernadette Lear (


CURRENT BUSINESS (1 hour, 8:459:45 a.m.)


  1. Action items/motions (30 minutes, 8:45–9:15 a.m.)

    1. MOTION proposed by Bernadette Lear: Add a section to the LHRT Bylaws, Article 2, to read: “Section 10 In the event that an elected officer other than the Chair resigns or is unable to perform the duties of the office, the LHRT Executive Committee shall make an appointment to complete the term.”

RATIONALE: LHRT’s governing documents currently do not address what should happen if the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, Secretary-Treasurer-Elect, or Member-at-Large leaves office before their terms are complete. The motion was developed after consulting the bylaws of other ALA units.

    1. MOTION proposed by Dominique Daniel: Use LHRT’s reserve funds to provide up to $2,000 per year, for up to 5 years (i.e., up to $10,000 total), to support the development of LHRT’s annual publication.

RATIONALE: Interviews with potential publishers indicate that new serial publications seldom “break even” financially. Providing monetary support will enable LHRT to ensure that the publication is professionally designed, proofread, indexed, and distributed.

    1. Editing LHRT membership brochure (facilitated by Nancy Dupree and Bernadette Lear)

  1. Discussion items (30 minutes, 9:15–9:45 a.m.)

    1. Ideas for 2015 conference programs

      1. Proposed by Wayne Wiegand: collaboration with Dawn Logsdon regarding “Free for All: Inside the Public Library” documentary release

      2. Other ideas?

    1. Proposed by Bernadette Lear: resolution regarding “small round table” representation on ALA Council.

    2. Proposed by Eric Novotny: how should “article” be defined in the Davis award criteria? —does it mean only “journal article,” or are other article- length items (such as book chapters and conference papers) acceptable?

    3. Proposed by Bernadette Lear: future of LHRT Newsletter—should we consider changing it to a blog?

    4. Proposed by Bernadette Lear: declining membership—why is it happening, and what are we going to do about it?


3. “Passing the reins”/new leaders orientation (15 minutes, 9:45–10:00 a.m.)


***PLEASE NOTE***: all officers should bring important work documents to pass on to incoming officers.