Supervisor Success Internal Customer Service

Cultivate Strong Internal Customer Service

Library staff focus intently on providing excellent customer service to everyone who walks in their front doors. Providing that same level of friendly, alert and patient attention to everyone who works in the library is every bit as important. Use these short videos to start a conversation with your team about how they can extend the courtesies of customer service to their coworkers.

People Come First
A primary customer service value is the idea that staff should always drop whatever they are doing to help the patron in front them. This practice starts behind the front lines where it’s equally important for staff to do this for one another. Whenever a co-worker needs help they deserve your full and undivided attention. Talking points for this video:

  • Body language/eye contact - the way we orient ourselves and our gaze shows where our attention and focus truly lies. How does it feel when someone doesn’t look at you over the course of an entire conversation?
  • Listening - the woman in this video agrees she has time to talk, but then says “to hit me up later on.” How does it make you feel when a colleague isn’t paying attention to the conversation?

Create a Supportive Environment
In order for a positive workplace culture to exist, staff need to feel like their colleagues care about them, that they are looking out for them and that they are willing to provide help and support. Talking points for this video:

  • Passing the Buck - One librarian passes off a task he doesn’t want to deal with to the other librarian. How does this type of behavior impact workplace morale?
  • A Bad Surprise - The first librarian in this video gives inaccurate information to the second librarian. What do you think is the motivation behind the male librarian’s actions in this video?
  • Asking for help - How would asking for help in this situation work to create a more supportive environment?

Demonstrate Accountability
In strong and positive work teams, every individual accepts accountability for their actions. Talking points for this video:

  • Follow through, honesty, integrity - The man in the video says he will follow through on the woman’s program idea, but as soon as she leaves he makes it clear that he has no intention of doing that. What potential repercussions does this have?
  • Respect - The man in the video dismisses a library aide (page) as “totally unimportant.” Should the amount of respect we give our colleagues be determined by their position? What implications does this have for how we treat our patrons based on their socio-economic status?
  • Feedback - What if the man in this video doesn’t believe the program idea is worth pursuing. How can he give constructive feedback rather than avoiding the issue?