Supervisor Success Build Social Capital

Build Social Capital at Your Workplace

Social capital is the reliance and dependency that build trust among people. It is a major ingredient of organizations that are robust and resilient. Social capital is built on codes of civility but goes well beyond. Civility establishes the basic norms for accepting differences and agreeing to work together equitably. Social capital pushes further into creating a sense of interpersonal connectedness and trust. It compounds with time, and it takes time to nurture.

Read Ideas for Building Social Capital at Work

  • Consider this starter list of ideas for increasing the connections among your staff –this includes yourself. Feel free to use your imagination to come up with more ideas.
  • It is critical that any activities feel comfortable and compatible with members of the team. Consult with your group about what they would like to do together. If you are already making some of these efforts, is there something you can do to enhance the social cohesion during the activities?