Notable IRRT Member

patricia a. wand

Patricia A. Wand

Director of Library and Learning Resources
Zayed University 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

IRRT member since: 1985

Most enjoyable international library project/projects:

In 1989 I worked with librarians in Ecuador as part of a Fulbright Senior Lecturer Award. I designed a two-week course on library management and services which I taught in four cities: Quito, Guayaquil, Rio Bamba and Cuenca. Twenty to twenty-five librarians participated in the course in each city, meeting every evening for three hours. In the mornings I visited their libraries and consulted with them. During four months, I toured 50 different libraries in Ecuador. Seeing the breadth and depth of collections and observing the commitments of the librarians to their mission left a lasting impression. The enthusiastic Ecuadorian librarians earned my deepest respect and admiration.

Another enjoyable international library experience is the one I am living now as dean of  Zayed University library and learning resources. Working in Dubai and Abu Dhabi puts me in the midst of a growing number of information professionals and the center of a vibrant nation.

Three words to new IRRT members:   Travel, live abroad