Notable IRRT Member

sally c. tseng

Sally C. Tseng

Executive Director
Chinese American Librarians Association
Irvine, California

IRRT member since: I have been a member of ALA since the 1970s and joined IRRT at about the same time.

Most enjoyable international library project/projects:

I enjoy giving workshops, organizing programs and providing services internationally.  It is gratifying to see that standardized cataloging rules and practices are being used at many libraries outside U.S. where users’ access to library collections and web resources are greatly improved. I head the CALA (Chinese American Librarians Association) delegation in attending and presenting papers at the annual conference of the Library Society of China and other international conferences each year.  Through these events, we have established librarian-to-librarian friendships with our colleagues world-wide, and shared information and new developments and standards for access to knowledge.  It is my mission to bridge Chinese and American cultures and librarianship with a view to promoting mutual understanding and cooperation.  One of my goals is to establish sister library programs with Chinese libraries. 

Three words to new IRRT members: Participate in library projects worldwide and enjoy them.