Notable IRRT Member

patricia glass schuman

Patricia Glass Schuman

Neal-Schuman Publishers
New York, New York

IRRT member since: I have been an IRRT member since 1990.

Most enjoyable international library project/projects:

I have enjoyed meeting colleagues and speaking at conferences in countries like Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, France, Mexico, and Morocco about feminism, advocacy, social responsibility, and the right to know. My work with ALA’s International Relations Committee and the Public Awareness Committee to take the @your library campaign international is among my proudest achievements. And I am delighted that several of my articles have been translated into other languages and that the Library Advocacy Now! Handbook is now available in Spanish. My most interesting international experience as President of ALA was being at IFLA in Moscow while the coup was taking place.

Three words to new IRRT members: Care, work, and participate.