Notable IRRT Member

james g. neal

James G. Neal

Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian
Columbia University 
New York, New York

IRRT member since: I became an IRRT member in 1999.

Most enjoyable international library project/projects:

Libraries and librarians live and work in a global field. My international involvements have been a very satisfying highlight of my career. I have been attending and participating at IFLA conferences since the early 1990s, and the chance to serve on committees and to make presentations with colleagues from around the world has been remarkably rewarding. I have also been very involved with the international programs at ALA, seeking to promote and advance global perspectives and collaborations. I have focused my professional life on copyright and scholarly communication themes, and these interests have provided rich opportunities for consultation and cooperation with librarians and scholars in many international forums. My three decades of work in research libraries has also enabled me to promote and enable a continuing U.S. commitment to building strong global collections and to sustaining productive partnerships with libraries around the world.

Three words to new IRRT members: Global is professionally energizing.