Notable IRRT Member

hwa wei lee

Hwa Wei Lee

Chief,  Asian Division
Library of Congress and Dean Emeritis
Ohio University Libraries

IRRT member since: I joined ALA in the early 1960s and joined IRRT soon after.

Most enjoyable international library project/projects:

I was especially fortunate to serve as a key organizer for the series of three China-US Library Cooperation Conferences, the first of which was held in Beijing in 1996. Through these conferences, attended by library leaders from both countries, many cooperative projects were initiated and a much better exchange of information and experience was achieved. When I was the Dean of Ohio University Libraries I also initiated an International Librarians Internship Program. Over a period of 20 years some 170 librarians from many of the Asian countries as well as other parts of the world participated as librarian interns.

Three words to new IRRT members: Global librarianship enriches our professional life and international understanding.