Notable IRRT Member

loida garcia-febo

Loida Garcia-Febo

Coordinator of Special Services
Queens Library
Jamaica, New York

IRRT member since: I joined ALA in 2001 and became a member of the IRRT in 2002.

Most enjoyable international library project/projects: In 2004 I co-established IFLA's New Professionals SIG with colleagues from Denmark and the UK. Remarkably for the first-time ever recently qualified librarians had a worldwide forum to promote collaboration and professional development, discuss ideas and encourage involvement in library association's work. Since then, I have coordinated international programs involving multi-generational librarians in four continents, and specialized conferences in Italy and soon in Sweden. As a member of IFLA/FAIFE I have advocated and spoken about human rights and access to information in many countries including Brazil, Mexico, and the Philippines. In addition, work within human rights and new professionals has allowed me to realize collaborative and strategizing work in countries such as Norway, South Africa, South Korea and Japan. I am deeply committed to continue collaborating with the library community worldwide.

Three words to new IRRT members: Get involved, be passionate about your work and enjoy!