International Librarians Networking Program

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Welcome to the International Librarians Networking Program

The International Librarians Networking Program (ILNP) is modeled after the International Librarians Network (ILN) Peer Program with the goal of assisting librarians from around the world to network and expand their skills in librarianship through a cooperative and collaborative program. This program is designed to be self guided, allowing participants to form a collaborative relationship with one another for the next four months.

Apply today for an opportunity to be a part of our pilot program! If you’re accepted, you can join us and help by writing posts for our blogs and giving us feedback on how to continuously improve this program.


In order to facilitate international exchange and partnership among librarians around the world, the ALA International Relations Round Table (IRRT) created a program proposal for a group of 2019 Emerging Leaders, based on the International Librarians Network started in Queensland several years prior. The 2020 Emerging Leaders team worked closely with IRRT to implement a pilot program that sustainably replicated the successes of the ILN, and that closely aligns with IRRT's values. Currently, the program is being run by the International Librarians Networking subcommittee.

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An article about the program was published in the IRRT online publication International Leads. Please check it out if you are interested in learning more about how the program was created and implemented (September issue of IRRT’s International Leads).  

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