IRRT 2007 Election Results

Congratulations to the new IRRT officers! Thank you to the Nominating Committee and all the excellent candidates.  

Vice Chair-Chair Elect

Dean of Library Services. Harry A. Sprague Library, Montclair State University

IRRT/IRC ACTIVITIES: IRRT Orientation/Mentoring Committee, Chair, July 2002 – 2005, Board Member-at-Large 2004-2006


I strongly believe that information, knowledge, and culture should know no boundaries and that libraries are the best institutions to promote these aspects of international relations. Strengthening IRRT’s relationships with other ALA and ALA-related groups, which have an interest in international librarianship would enable IRRT to play a greater role in advancing ALA’s goal of “increasing understanding of international issues affecting library and information services and generating support for international partnerships.” Increasing the visibility of the IRRT and its contributions to international librarianship would help bring attention to this aspect of librarianship. Recruiting new U.S. and international members, including library and information science students, would enhance the opportunities to develop partnerships, projects, and programs and lead to the development of future leaders interested in international librarianship. I would welcome the opportunity to be of greater service to the IRRT and to international librarianship.


International Library Consultant

IRRT/IRC ACTIVITIES: IRC Subcomm. Eurasia and Central Asia, chair and member, 2000-2007; IRC/IRRT Joint Comm. on Intl. Exchanges, member, 1997-1999; IRRT Orientation Comm., member, 2005-2007; LAMA/LOMS: Executive Comm., member, 1992-1994; Planning and Evaluation of Library Services Comm., member, 1987-1991; Financial Management Comm., chair 1986-1987, member 1985-1987; Business and Fiscal Officers Discussion Group, 1983-1990; Budgeting, Accounting, Costs and Finance Comm., member

STATEMENT OF PROFESSIONAL CONCERNS: I have seen the eagerness of colleagues abroad to interact with American librarians, and the need for American expertise. I have also experienced the priceless understanding that an American librarian gains from these interactions. It is ironic that the American library profession… with endless talent, with great potential for promoting goodwill, and with professional skills that can help strengthen libraries and the library profession in disadvantaged regions…has such limited access to financial resources to address these needs. The problem of funding is difficult, and is larger than ALA. I would like to see discussion within the association regarding how we might advocate for greater external funding to support library projects in developing countries. We have learned to speak with a focused voice on many issues relating to our core values. In my opinion there is a need to speak for greater funding to strengthen library programs where the need is greatest.


Library Media Coordinator, Murray State University.

IRRT/IRC ACTIVITIES: International Relations Committee: Member, Europe Subcommittee, 2004-Present; Chair, IRRT International Exchanges Committee, 2004-07; AASL: Chair, International Relations Committee, 2005-2006.

STATEMENT OF PROFESSIONAL CONCERNS: The International Relations Roundtable is a growing organism, and it has grown fast in size.  But we do need to encourage new members to become involved and join those who have been a pat of the organization of IRRT for some time.  I hope that as Member-at-large, I can do my part to encourage broader participation.

If you have any questions, please contact ALA's International Relations Office at 1-800-545-2433, ext. 3201 or send an e-mail to